Drive Thru Holding is specialized in Asbestos Removal

The company gets approval from Ministry Of Labour and liaises at every step in order to carry out the job effectively and in the precise way
Asbestos is highly toxic and was widely used in a large number of building materials including flooring, ceiling tiles, insulation, cements, compound and more. It is essential, to test for the presence of asbestos before initiating any building repairs or improvements on structures, especially in older buildings Asbestos can cause to mesothelioma, a type of asbestos cancer.

The Role of an Asbestos Consultant in Drive Thru

An asbestos consultant is certified to perform accredited testing for asbestos. They are also equipped to make recommendations for the safe removal or containment of asbestos containing material and can monitor and certify the success of the work of an asbestos removal contractor.

The Role of an Asbestos Removal Contractor in Drive Thru

Asbestos removal is typically required before an older building is demolished, prior to any maintenance or renovation that could disturb asbestos containing materials or when asbestos containing materials are damaged. An asbestos removal contractors will determine whether and (HOS ) license is required for the job. This type of license is usually necessary when there is a high probability that asbestos fibers will be released into the air during the planned work. The removal contractors at Drive Thru will assess what is required for removal, perform the removal work and dispose of the hazardous material in Namboro at Navua

Equipment’s used in Asbestos Removal

Full protection mask

Breathing air unit

Gloves – Robust quality with palm reinforcement

Half- and dust masks

Disposable Coveralls